SVG your logo

SVG your logo

Our themes now support SVG logos.

What is SVG?

  • SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics
  • it is an XML-image based format

What’s so great about SVG logos?

  • SVG files are usually an improvement for perfomance since they are loading faster than raster images.
  • they look smooth on all devices and even if you resize them, will not look pixelated like raster-based images.
  • because SVG are text-based they can be indexed and searched.
  • it can also show on screen-readers and search engines.

How can I get a SVG version of my logo?

  • if you have a vectorized logo, you or your logo designer can export a SVG version of it.
  • before exporting the logo, it should be resized to the size that you will use in most cases.


You can compress your SVG logo with an online too like SVGOMG

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