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SocialEngine is an CMS Critic’s award-winning social networking software for easily building your own social network or social media website. SocialEngine helps people and brands build vibrant, customizable online communities. It powers over 25,000 social websites, resulting in millions of end-users.

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I've tried them all - This is the best

I've tried some of the most beautiful themes, and have spent hundreds of dollars lost on those themes that look excellent in demo, but once installed slow down the network tremendously, or do not play nice with many other features and functions. This is the first theme I have installed that worked immediately out of the box, and shows no incompatibility, even with the myriad of third-party plugins I have installed. The pre-designed theme choices are beautiful, but the fact that you can so easily customize it to your liking is a huge bonus. Because of this theme, I will be able to launch my network with confidence. Thank you so much.

Excellent creation. I love it so much.
5 / 5
Pixythemes Customer

The Greatest Themes Developer with a Great Service and Support

There are no words to describe the high level of quality and service of this team.
I've been looking for a long time for a professional good looking themes for my SE site, but was never satisfied, until i've got the themes from Pixythemes. Two of the most professional and good looking themes i've ever seen for SE. When i've asked the developer to do some modifications in order to make both themes to fit my site, he agreed to make the modifications with a delight.

So if your are looking for a professional theme developer, with a fast and professional email support, great prices, and high quality products... Contact Pixythemes!
5 / 5
Pixythemes Customer

Hello world, let it be known

A theme is the first most important, as it is the first look and experience that will motivate signups!, what is under the hood is invisible and secondary for the first contact. For the admin, the selection of a theme should not be neglected and overlooked.
This design part must be let to a real and dedicated professional theme designer and developer that will take care of the imperfections, give a polish and style to stand out from the crowd to make your site and services ready for the show.
This being said now comes the selection of the one and only theme designer, who to choose from? Who to recommend? You are lucky, I have a name: Pixythemes company, I have been in contact with this company for several years and they have always timely responded and acted professionally.

Last week I bought not one but two themes, not for me but for my site so that it can look and feel special!
Here is a company and themes that should be known worldwide and beyond the stars!
5 / 5
Pixythemes Customer

The best support and themes

I'm working with PixyThemes for a long time and I have never seen a better support. I have needed some changes in several themes and they have been always there to make exactly what I wanted. Of course PixyThemes will be in all my works.
Thanks a lot for the great help you always give to me.
5 / 5
Pixythemes Customer