Always COMPRESS the IMAGES you use!

Always COMPRESS the IMAGES you use!

Big uncomppressed images are one of the reasons why search engines don’t like your website and a reason for new visitors to leave your website without even try its great features.

This is why you should always and always compress the images you use on the presentation pages, the most important being the Landing Page of your website.

Nowadays, when everyone wants everything to happen very fast, your website Landing Page should load in less than 3 seconds.

What can you do about that? Well, below are a few solutions:

  1. Reduce the size of the images to not go much over the width of its container, or make it equal to its container size. If you need images for wide screens slides you can reduce the image width to be maximum 2000px, it will look good on bigger and smaller screens.
  2. Compress the images, after you are done editing them, with an online tool like TinyJPG or Website Planet Image Compressor which will compress your images a lot without loosing quality. Note: If you edit the images after you compress them you will have to compress them again before uploading them to your website.
  3. Remove any image that goes just by itself and does not accompany a text, because that will be useless most of the times.
  4. Don’t put text directly on images, add the text in HTML format or with the help of our settings or with CSS. Text placed on the image file does not help SEO because it will not be read by most search engines, neither the users which most of the time will see a slower loading image.

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