Minimum SEO optimizations for a new website

Minimum SEO optimizations for a new website

Create a good navigation structure

A good website needs a navigation structure which can be used to access all the pages, otherwise you might end up with pages that are not correctly indexed by search engines.

Readable & Friendly URLs

Simple and well structured URLs are usually the best choice. is considered to be one of the best URL structures when you take SEO into consideration.

The URLs must pe unique and easily memorable, if possible.

Choose correct page titles and main headings

Each page title & heading must be optimized accordingly to the page content and the audience you want to target on search engines.

If you can, use a different <h1> heading on each page.


The content of a page has to have keywords that target your main audience.

To find the right keywords you will have to make some research, to see what your audience is searching for, then use them in the content of your pages.

You will also have to establish a main keyword, which will be used often on the page. Each page can have a different main keyword

Meta tags

Be sure that your site has meta tags and update them accordingly for each page.

Make you website load fast

Search engines don’t like websites that load slow, so make your website as fast as possible on all devices and connection types.

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