Giggle Theme


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Responsive Design

The layout is wonderfully optimized to adapt on any device, it will conform to your user's screen, creating the most intuitive browsing experience.

Giggle Theme's Mobile Menu was designed to be user-friendly, so the users can easialy surf on your website. It contains Search Bar and Main Menu.

  • A modern and playful design
  • Endless color possibilities, that can be changed with ease, by changing few color codes in Theme CSS
  • Two types of Landing Pages, one for Private websites, and one that can be set as Homepage when your website is in Public/ Semi-Private mode.
  • Nice and simple design for your Feed, with some color touches for each type of post and more interactivity.
    News Feed page uses the Activity Feed by default, and the other pages are using the masonry type Feed.
  • Clean stylized footer, with your logo and copyright notice.
  • Go To Top button, slightly animated with jQuery
  • Link-Buttons to your Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Page Not-Found with a funny redesign
  • This theme is using the Board Theme, as preset theme.
  • All theme's files are hosted on your site, and you can edit/replace/delete them.
  • Tested with all modern browsers (*IE9, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Maxthon).
  • Best HTML5 + CSS3 practices and techniques used for styling.
  • One-Time Free Theme Installation & Logo Installation & Color Change, at request.
  • Step-by-Step Installation Guide, for an easy installation and configuration.
  • Instant Download.
  • * You will be able to download this product from your SocialEngine Dashboard. Please follow the instructions to install the theme.
  • ** If you have issues downloading, or any other issues related to our website and/or products, please contact us at
  • *** We do not offer a demo for this theme as the template's styles might be copied, but we guarrantee that the theme will look exactly as in it's screenshots and presentation. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for understanding!
  • *** This theme is only for SocialEngine Cloud, which can be purchased from SocialEngine Store.