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Responsive Design

The layout is wonderfully optimized to adapt on any device, it will conform to your user's screen, creating the most intuitive browsing experience.

iTheme's Mobile Menu was designed to be user-friendly, so the users can easily surf on your website. It contains Search Bar, Main Menu and Logout Button.

We have also included a theme for SocialEngine Mobile Plugin, just in case you are going to use this plugin to display your content on mobile devices.

Theme Options Panel

To make things simplier for you we have built an options panel with tons of options.

Here you can enable-disable some elements or features of the theme, choose the proper layouts and styles to meet your requirments. It includes options for Header, Footer, Landing Page, Styling, Typography, and much more.

Styling the Theme

Tons of options to style your theme to fit your needs:

  • 3 color schemes to match any type of website, for which you can change each color individually using a color picker or by adding your color codes or color names.
  • Options to add background images to the website Body and Footer.
  • Options to change the width of the content and right-left columns.
  • Add Custom CSS without affecting the theme's CSS files.

Beautiful Landing Page

  • Create as many boxes as you need to show your website features.
  • Make wide or half-width boxes.
  • Add background images, illustrations or videos.
  • Link the entire box and/or add links needed to promote the feature.
  • These boxes can be used in ways we haven't even thinked about.
    You'll have to try them!

Header & Footer

  • Login Popup for a faster sign-in.
  • Search with autocomplete, showing the same results as on the default SocialEngine search page.
  • Add image-icons or FontAwesome-icons to Main-Menu links.
  • User-friendly notifications system.
  • Options to easily choose Header & Footer logo.

Search with autocomplete

Write a word and it will show you the search results immediately.

Main-Menu Icons

Add Image or FontAwesome Icons to Main-Menu.

Login & Signup Popups

Showing Login Popup Box when clicking the Header Login Button.

Typography Options

Choose between a WebSafe Font or a Google Font, choose what font size and font weight you wish.

Activity Feed auto-view-more

Auto-click on View More link when you scroll to the bottom of the page.

Social Icons

10 Social Link-Buttons to make your website socially visible.

  • Fixed Header on top of the page.
  • Go To Top button, slightly animated with Mootools.
  • Works and looks perfect with all official SE plugins and any other plugins with SocialEngine standards.
  • All theme's texts can be edited and/or translated with ease, trough the Language Manager, in your SE administration panel
  • Matching theme colors for SE Mobile Plugin
  • Supports Right-To-Left(RTL) alignemnt, for arabic languages
  • NO modifications of SocialEngine's core script
  • Tested with the lateste version of most modern browsers (*Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Maxthon).
  • Best coding practices and techniques used for styling.
  • One-Time Free Theme Installation & Logo Installation & Color Change, at request.
  • Illustrated Step-by-Step Installation Guide, for an easy installation and configuration.
  • Download in moments.
  • * You will be able to download this product from your SocialEngine Dashboard. Please follow the instructions to install the theme.
  • ** If you have issues downloading, or any other issues related to our website and/or products, please contact us at
  • *** This product is only for SocialEngine PHP v4, and the plugins(*Albums, Blogs, Events, Forum, Music, Polls, Chat & IM, Classifieds, Groups, Mobile, Video) or SocialEngine itself, shown in the theme's screenshots are NOT part of our theme, the theme affects just their design, but you can purchase them from SocialEngine Store